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Name | Version: 3LFO to Midi Cc 1.0.7
Author: dric
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: 3lfo syncro in series with choper.
you can use 1, 1+2, 1+2+3, for create an original and personal lfo.

"Scale" Box multiply the time for longer Lfo.

1.0.1 internal management and bug correction.
And i have added more parametre of automation

1.0.2 Quantize for Chopper worked now.

1.0.3 I add 4 buttons for reset wave form to start from zero. ( only if you use "scale" for longer lfo. )
You can reset individual lfo with 3 buttons to the right of slider "scale" or all lfo with the button completely to the right of device.
(Stop playing and after reset, then play.)

1.0.4 i add 20 presets. (Program change can be used for recall presets.)

1.0.5 internal management

1.0.6 normaly now all parametre are reloaded with set (active preset). But be careful, use presets and save on hdd.

1.0.7 BugFix

For create this device i'm inspired of fabulous tutorial of "Gregory Taylor".

Escuse for my english. :)


Live Version Used: 8.2.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Nov 25 2010 08:06:50
Date Last Updated: Feb 25 2012 08:21:45
Downloads: 3220
License: Attribution
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Device File: 3lfo_1.0.7.amxd


Hello thickthumb66, I am happy that this device pleases you, I hope that it will be useful for you.
This is incredible, thank you so much. With that thing live quantized wobble madness possible with any synth :)

Great that it works with cc's, unlike those which can be used only with ableton's fx and instruments.

Now I need to find the same easy and usable envelope to be able to send it to anything)
Hi there,

i have a question about sync. I am new to max for live. I bought it cause i was looking for midi lfo tool like yours. I have tested some of them but i have always the same problem, that it doesnt run in sync. it sounds like a buffer problem, but only on the self made devices. the lfo effects in the package do a proper job. Do you have a tipp for me.?

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