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Name/Version: Loptimist - Pushianist 1.0
Author: loptimist  
Description: Introducing)

Hi, I made midi effect device "Pushianist" to practice my piano skill as Push's chromatic layout.
I wanted to see what difference of voicing is between Piano vs Push while i press any chord.
At computer music scene, Many people don't recognize that instrument playing ability is really important.
I have Push 1 & Push 2 both. and I don't want they only stay in my room.
Also, I don't want to use them for only clip launcher.
I wanna take them to my stage as instrument to play with.
So, the conclusion was that i have to move my music theory by piano to Push.
And, I needed device like Pushianist to accomplish my goal.
Then, I made it.


This device is Midi Effect. but It doesn't effect any midi note.
Pushianist just displays incoming midi notes as Piano & Push layout both.
so, Just put this device to the place which u want to get midi notes.
If you feel the plugin window is so big, drag the window's right side to hide score part at the right end.
Two Push Layout on Pushianist indicates range "C1 ~ F#4" + "C4 ~ F#8" , so totally It indicates Piano 79 Keys.
Hope this device helps your playing skill.

If u have any question, send me email to
, or send message to facebook url -->
, or send message to instagram url --> @leeloptimist


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Live Version Used: 9.7.3
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Aug 16 2017 23:22:42
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Device File: Loptimist - Pushianist V1.0.amxd

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