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Name | Version: offthesky rando chango - random program changer 1.0
Author: offthesky
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: you can use this midi effect to trigger a program change(i.e preset change) for various vsti's and vst effects that support incoming midi program change messages(like native instruments or arturia plugins). when this effect receives a note, it can either generate and trigger a random program change based upon the random amount/offset set, or it can trigger a program change based directly off the actual note number coming into it (i.e. if you played a middle c into it, it would spit out a program change of '60').

note: unfortunately not allot of vsti's and vst effects accept the midi program change to change their presets. a few that do that i love are: native instruments (reaktor works great with this), fab filter plugins. you'll just have to experiment with various vsti's/vst effects to see which ones work..

some potential uses are:

1. make an empty midi track - drop in the max for live sequencer, drop in this rando chango effect, drop in reaktor and load up your fav synth (make sure that the reaktor synth is set to 'plugin master'). make sure the midithru toggle on the rano chango is set to 'on' (should be by default) - set the ran Amount to the top number of presets on your reaktor synth. push play and let the crazy times commence!

2. you can control vst effects(or vsti's) this way: drop reaktor into an audio track - make sure you have some pretty audio clip running in that audio track. load up your fav reaktor glitch ensemble (i prefer the grainstates effect). make sure the effect instrument in the reaktor ensemble is set to "snapshot master for plugin". then make an empty midi track and load in the max for live step sequencer then the rano chango midi effect. set the output of this midi track(where live give the Midi to drop down) to point to the audio track that contains the reaktor with grainstates loaded in. make sure that "reaktor fx" is selected in the second midi to box - this will ensure than any midi signals from this midi track will route to the reaktor vst effect. allright push play on your pretty clip and listen to it get tormented and trashed by the default 1/16th note output of the step sequencer.

remember - you don't have to use the step sequencer, you can just make a midi clip and send notes to the rando chango that way...

allright hopefully that all makes sense - feel free to contact me via my website if you have any questions.

here's a link to a silly idm generative example made live with reaktor and the rando chango:

here's a link to the ableton session used to make the above example track:


Live Version Used: 8.1.4
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Oct 11 2010 12:34:32
Date Last Updated: Sep 24 2012 12:55:05
Downloads: 846
License: None
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Device File: offthesky-RandoChango1.amxd

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