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Name | Version: KR 3.05
Author: encoderaudio
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: KR stands for "Keyboard Random" and it generates a random API control signal in case of a specific incoming MIDI note.
You can filter the MIDI note and then map the random output to any parameter in Live.

Version History :

2.o1 - Click on the device logo now shows numbers instead of sliders.
2.o2 - Updated to Live 10. (Important! If you're still using Live 9, please, stick with the old version! There are major UI changes in Live 10, these will look ugly under 9)
2.o3 - user request : full MIDI mapping
2.o4 - Ableton banks support added for Push
2.o5 - from 2 channels to 8 channels!
2.o6 - "ClickMail" feature added (shift+click on the logo to directy mail to us!)
3.oo - Major update!
3.o1 - UI glitch fixed, device now follows correctly the selected Live theme
3.o2 - UI glitch fixed, destination names now visible again after reloading a Live session
3.o3 - Apple silicon check
3.o4 - dynamic UI
3.o5 - Live 12 compatibility check


Live Version Used: 10
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: May 19 2017 15:46:57
Date Last Updated: Apr 10 2024 03:37:30
Downloads: 3
License: None
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