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Name/Version: TrevoXamp-MIDIxFade .941
Author: thenthorn  
Description: The "MIDI x Fade Visualizer" patch displays images in 16 display windows in response to MIDI note input. When a note is played, an image crossfades in based on the note's velocity. For example, a velocity of 64 will fade in 50%. The same "off" image is used for all display windows and is selected from a pulldown menu. The "on" image for each display window is selected from a pulldown menu. A folder of 18 tester images including a solid black image and 17 numbered images.

To use this patch: (1) specify the location of your images by dragging your folder of images onto the dropzone, (2) specify the display-time for the images, (3) specify the fade-in time, (4) specify the fade-out time, (5) select the "off" image to be used for all notes, (6) select the MIDI input device, (7) turn on the system and specify the refresh time, (8) select images for each of the 16 display windows, (9) specify MIDI note numbers for each of the display windows, then play some MIDI (starting at C2, MIDI note number 36). The "outside range" image will display when no MIDI notes match.

Click the reset button to reset your notes to chromatic steps starting at note number 36. Click the popup button to popup an alternate window (which displays only the first 2 display windows, plus a combined window of the 2 with no menu bar). Play the piano keyboard to test MIDI note input. To customize your display, consider changing the popup patcher, or add another patcher window.

Device Details

Tags video
Live Version Used: 9.7
Max Version Used: 7.3.1
Date Added: Feb 12 2017 20:57:36
Date Last Updated: Feb 12 2017 20:59:01
Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): Attribution


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