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Name | Version: Zeuclid 1.1
Author: dric
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Hello,

Zeuclid is 4 euclidean step sequencers.

Define size, number of steps, speed, note out and duration for eachs sequencers.

The sequencer grid represent velocity.
By default the value is 127 but you can customize velocity by drawing (or create/add complete sequence if you want).
(note If you change size or number of step the custom value for velocity is lost.)

It work little bit like an arpegiator. Any incoming note, start the sequence, a new note reset all sequencers to step 1.
(if incoming note is overlapped the sequencer do not restart.)

You can save presets and automatize the preset box with incoming notes (C1 to F#5).

You can stop automation for example for editing, with the button Live/Edit.

For the presets: Drag and drop your json file and now at each time that you reload your set the preset is loaded.
(note: if you can't load json, rename it as you want with an other name and normally is done)

1.1 To prevent the monopolization of undo (when the patterns are automated with presets) all parameters are hidden. You need to use presets.


Live Version Used: 9.7
Max Version Used: 7.3
Date Added: Oct 18 2016 07:38:14
Date Last Updated: Oct 18 2016 18:35:59
Downloads: 2461
License: Attribution
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Device File: Zeuclid.amxd


THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Would you consider making a mappable version??

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