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Name | Version: StuttBuff 1.1
Author: dric
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Hello,

this is the month of stuttering :)
my new stutter effect. This is the little brother of Stutter2 (

It's work with buffer rather than tapin~ tapout~, and the other difference is that you can control speed with a function envelope. you can slow down, reverse, ect.

(if the button "Linked" is on, the all pads share the same envelope).
The envelopes is modulation of speed knob. The speed knob
go to -1 1, the range for modulation(env) go from -2 2 so you can sweep the total range of knob even if knob is in position 1 or -1.
You can use envelope or automatize knob in live.

This device is ready for mira.
Like stutt2 i've make "stutt sender" this alow that you can control the stutts buttons with notes.

for use stuttbuff sender:

Put it on midi track, choose one of 8 targets, you can control up to 8 BuffStutt devices.
And set up the corresponding receiver on BuffStutt.
(Notes are C3 to G3)

you can control up to 8 stuttbuffs at the same time.

Buffstutt Sender here:

1.1 bug fixe if more than one buffstutt is loaded in set live


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Oct 12 2016 05:07:09
Date Last Updated: Oct 25 2016 09:53:52
Downloads: 1884
License: Attribution
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Device File: StuttBuff.amxd


oups i forget freeze device. now is good :)
You sure you saved them correctly? They don't show the ableton icon for amxd files like other files usually do once they are downloaded, I haven't checked loading them to try but I thought that's a little weird especially after reading your message, you might have missed something while saving. Dunno just saying.
They just show up as blank icons for me forgot to mention.
I'm not in my house actually. Please anivia try it and let me know if it work or no. Thx by advance. If no When i return to my house i reupload it.
Yeah something is not right, when I throw it into my max for live folder the icon appears but when I load those into ableton I get a message:

Do you want the application “Ableton Live 9” to accept incoming network connections?

Frankly I'm not sure if it works correctly, I'd for sure check again at home and re-upload just to be sure, it certainly shouldn't make me accept firewall settings. Anyway Peace!
i' dont know anivia, it's strange. i downoad it on other pc and it work fine for me.
no message.
ok i re-upload anyway.

if someone can tell me if you have the same issue that anivia it would be cool.

thx by advance

ps: thanks anivia for your help.
Nah not your plug just noticed something must have happened to my icons update of Live maybe had my folder showing small icons that show as usual but when set to big view it shows blank "no picture" just a blank icon it does it for all amxd files, so there is nothing wrong, my bad. My machine messing with me! Sorry for that!
ah ok :) no blemo^^
perfect thank you. Question: would it be possible to change the values somewhere so that it can stutter triplets? It jumps from 2 to 4 and from 8 to 16, would be nice to have a value 3, 6 and 12. Maybe I'm asking too much. It is already a really nice device, cheers!
my bad. Just found out that the "nd" values already do that. Too quick. Nice device!

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