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Name | Version: Stutter2 2.3
Author: dric
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Hi,

Stutter effect

Note: it's miratized

2.1: i add Stutter Sender. this allow to receive notes for trigger the stutt buttons.

Put it on midi track, choose one of 8 targets, you can control up to 8 stutter2 device.
And set up the corresponding receiver on stutter2. Notes are C3 to G3.

Stutt Sender

2.2 fix the issue of undo monopolized when buttons is triggered with stuttsender.
2.3 the offset with the receiver and sender is fixed.


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Sep 13 2016 11:14:22
Date Last Updated: Oct 12 2016 04:42:35
Downloads: 1648
License: None
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Device File: STUTTER2.amxd


GREAT device!
is it possible to make an option so when MIDI keys are mapped to the buttons, the key presses act as "momentary" instead of "latch/hold"?

IE-when I release the mapped MIDI key, the button on STUTTER2 is released as well...

Thanks for comment, when i've time i try to implement this.
it's done..

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