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Name | Version: M32 - LEMUR ONLY 1.0
Author: dric
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Hi,

An other little blue synth! :)

M32 Is hybrid Additive synth which can be controlled by lemur. Hybrid because that can be FM synth also.

The 32 harmonics magnitude is modulated by 32 points of "breakpoint" in Lemur. Is an sort of LFO*32.
All others parameters can be controlled in Lemur.

All Modulations come from Lemur. Without lemur the magnitudes is down so no sound.

There are 2 LFOs, wich can be targeted to any of synth parameters. And 2 Multiballs XY also can be targeted to all parameters of synth.

You can shape Harmonic as you want, and in supplement there are some buttons to get basic waves. this work if the mode of harmonic is set on "all" otherwise if you set in mode even or odd you obtain strange wave form.

All data from Lemur pass by "OSC 4" You need put the IP of your PC and port in OSC 4.

In M32 you need put the adress (ip) of Lemur and port.
The adress by default is my ip change it. The port is 10004 you can change as you want. (change in lemur also)

There are an preset box that can be controlled by cc3.
When you recall an preset all parameters is updated in lemur.
Save presets before close your set! (And write on HDD)

For the rest move the knob and open your ears :)

The files for Lemur is here:

And here and little set with some not very musical examples. But is simply for try connection quickly, and see how it work.


sometime for me the connection can take severals minutes. be patient :)

Basically i build it for make drone or other fx sounds. But i test it on bass sound and other lead, and is so good also for them.


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Sep 10 2016 07:04:30
Date Last Updated: Sep 12 2016 02:42:27
Downloads: 1367
License: Attribution
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Device File: M32.amxd

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