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Name | Version: some others modules for osillot 1.0
Author: dric
Device Type: Instrument
Description: hello, pack complement of my first pack, some other modules for oscillot and beap.

for install look like this, the first pack:

the granule zip inside the main zip is corrupted, an other link:


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Aug 18 2016 08:32:01
Date Last Updated: Aug 18 2016 18:39:59
Downloads: 3
License: Attribution
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I am getting a corrupt error on GRANULE.7z, could you check?
Strange, i look this when i to my house. Normaly it work.
i've tested and no message of error. for me it work fine.

on "euclid" may be when you load it, an message of expression "detect divide by zero" but is not problem. is just when you load after it work fine.

you have copy the depandances in your shearch max path? (the folder named "beap&depandances")
This is on m4l, and its when extracting the 7z. I havent gotten far enough in that to test it on m4l. The other archives seem fine.
Ah ok, i try to remake an new archive soon.
it's done.. normally :)
new link for granule in the description.
thanks looking good!
Thanks for this working well for me :)

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