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Name | Version: Up to 30 devices for oscillot 1.0
Author: dric
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Hello here up to 30 devices for oscillot. There are sequencers, oscillators, sampleurs, utility and much more.

In the packs two versions, one for beap and one for oscillot. The two version share the same depandances.

For install copy the content of folder oscillot in ableton>packs>oscillot>modules

Copy the folder beap&depandances in your max shearch path.

(for beap you need drag and drop the snippets files on an new collection that you have created for occasion..)

May be you need restart max and live.

Pack complement some others modules here:


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Aug 18 2016 08:20:18
Date Last Updated: Aug 19 2016 11:13:24
Downloads: 4
License: Attribution
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Modules do not work. Most likely not correctly copied the Beap&Dependances folder. Explain please in more detail where to copy it. Explain please in more detail where to copy it.
hello , the max shearch path folder is where or max shearch all objects when start it.

Open max console > options> > files preferences. the max shearch path folder is here.

copy on one of these folders (or you can create your own directory) beap&depandances.

And restart max (if you have a set with oscillot currently open close and re-open it) after that
Thanks. Excellent modules!
@egorsvoy: thanks for comment ;), i'm happy that you please.
Amazing work! Wonderful! Thank you so much for your hard work and your generosity!
Great work, many thanks :)
Does it work with Oscillot lite?
Jdm@: I don't know i've not try with lite version

Eanna, lexvander@ thanks!

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