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Name | Version: Boardulator 0.9.4
Author: pp
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Boardulator, version 0.9.4.

N.B. - experimental WINDOWS support (used to be OSX only) hopefully coming soon (see comments below)...

A GRANULATOR Device, with a focus on pitch-transpositions of grains. It sounds great because... I used the brilliant third-party external, "jg.granulate~", by John Gibson. It really is excellent. I just did the questionable Max-patching around it. You can check out John Gibson and his software here:

Boardulator was put together very quickly, and is thus a 'work in progress'. However, it totally works.

This current update (0.9.4) is a Beta - the parameters are not yet fully assigned, etc.

ALSO, it includes the 'BoarduMIDI' device, for 'playing' the pitch transpositions of the granulator from a MIDI Track...

Requires Live 8.2.1 / Max (M4L) 5.1.7
Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher


Live Version Used: 8.2.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.7
Date Added: Jul 29 2010 10:39:02
Date Last Updated: Feb 13 2011 15:25:34
Downloads: 7590
License: None
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very suitable for my chatting robot voices. both male, female and those in between, old or young, cool or angry. if the playable pitch buffer thing happens or not, lovely patch. unusal quality sound from a mashing filter like this and the sample zone with zoom and everything! many thxhnkz.
Great job, very cool device, thank's !!!
awesome! do you plan on releasing PC version?
@john @analogic76 @tiwe: glad you like it. update + midi-device coming soon...

@tiwe: it is mac only because the third party external i am using is mac only, so no, unfortunately, no pc version coming - my c-coding is non-existent so i cannot compile from source (source is available). if you can, contact the external author and recompile yourself. let me know if you do!
It's not working for me, sorry. Looks like you've included an amazing level of control, so I'm kinda bummed. All it's doing is looping a part of the sample and there's no sound from Granulate, only get sound if mix is turned down. Strange.

Just ported jg.granulate~ to windows. I will post it to the cycling74 forum for anyone to grab.

Two more questions:
1. When one selects a region in the loop, is it only that region that gets played back and granulated? If this is the intended functionality, it doesn't work for me..
2. The slider "grain position" seems to affect the panning of the granular processing and not the position in the sample. Can anyone else confirm this?

But excellent work so far!
hello everyone, pp here, 13th feb 11.

apologies to all, especially anybodyhuman and zigzag.

the story - i suspect the previous beta works better than what is currently uploaded... i posted the current beta to include the midi send device before going away, thinking i would be one week away from my computer and ended up being 6 weeks due to various non-hilarious life circumstances. so, i am back on track now. i will take a look at all these issues and resolve them very soon.

zigzag - amazing work and thanks, thanks, thanks. i will endeavor to honour your work by getting these boardulator devices working as best as poss as soon as poss. please make requests. i made a couple quirky control decisions that effectively wrap some parameters to the jg.granulate~ object. feel free to readvise opinions. my head a bit spaced, i'll get back to you about the region loop, but as far as i can remember, it selects the PORTION of audio from which to granulate from. grain size etc is on sliders below.

updates soon...
Hello everyone,

congratulation for this device! I find it very useful and "user friendly" also for a newbie like me.

I've the same problem of renaud, does anyone knows if there is the possibility to save the sound file position?

Thank you!

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