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Name | Version: traverse 1.0
Author: ndivuyo
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: traverse is a FREE Max and Max For Live granular looper. The main focus of this plugin is in its ability to "traverse" between sample buffers (in other words, the grains shift between different audio samples).

***NOTE** Device is just crashing and I probably won't fix it as it is a cpu heavy older device of mine anyway. However if you really love the idea of it maybe it is not a hard crash to fix, so I'll leave it here.

You can have up to four samples at a time, and have three different ways of changing the sounds: through probability, sequencing, or statically spreading.

Additionally, each sample has its own signal path for individual filtering, delay, tuning, directional playback, and more. Each sample may also be stretched in a number of ways via the [stretch~] object.

*Granular looping on up to 4 audio samples
*3 modes for switching between samples
*Individual signal processing for each sample
--Resonant BP Filtering
--2d.Wave Y-table lookup
--Directional playback
*Buffer editing for each sample
--Stretch samples and shift pitch (in non-real time)
--Crop sample
--Save editing sample
*Various parameters for grain playback
--Grain Voices
--Grain Size
--Phase Spread
--Random Volume and Pan spread
--Direction of playback
--Volume window (fade)
*Record live audio input
*Wet Signal Mixing
--2 pole filter
*Multiple Sample Presets
*Parameter Preset System

***IMPORTANT: If you stretch or crop or edit a sample, if you want to recall it again after you exit you MUST save the file WITH an extension (.wav or .aif)

**Go to the dropbox link below to get the .zip with the msp patch

More of mine:


Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.4
Date Added: Mar 09 2016 13:33:53
Date Last Updated: Feb 25 2019 01:02:03
Downloads: 3211
License: None
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Device File: traverse.amxd


I would love to check this out,
but it crashes LIVE everytime I try to load it.

does it use a floating window?
this seems to be buggy since live 9.5 or so.

I'm on win10
It's possible the m4l version may crash the first time loading it, but it should work after that. If it keeps persisting then it may not work, it does use a floating window so maybe because of that? (I hear the floating windows are unreliable)
Crashes Live....
It crashed , but then it worked once I put it with all my other M4L stuff , this thing is fricking awsome fun ...
basically opening it from the live browser as opposed to dragging it in ...
Tried dragging it in and opening from the Live browser. crashes everytime. would love to try it.....
Oh yea it for crashes me too. This is an older and really inefficient devices of mine. Kind of a fun idea. But yea I probably won't ever be fixing it.... although probably the crash itself is an easy fix, something heavy/conflicting with the startup I guess.
Not crashing on my side here on mac and latest live 10 and generally just works amazing. I would love to see 2.0 version, 100% stable. One of the best and powerful granular tools around.
Well I do have this in the works (and there is the first version out but it doesn't have multi sample support like this one):

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