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Name | Version: g.delay 1.0
Author: ndivuyo
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This is a granular delay effect. You can have up to 15 voices, each voice has individual filtering, re-pitching, envelope and panning.
For all of these parameters and more there are mod options: LFO, Envelope, random, and Velocity (which is an envelope follower to the incoming signal).
A spread option can position the voices equally across the phase of the delay window.
Or you can keep them in unison and take advantage of the "step" mod. The "step" modulation applied to a parameter will spread the value out evenly for each voice based on their ratio and the depth and direction of the step.
Other features: reversed delay, spray, window fade controls, other stuff..
If you get clicks from reversing/spraying with multiple voices, apply a little window fading (fade).

With g_delay you can make simple to very complex delay effects or textures.

FOR MAX MSP PATCH email me, I'll respond quickly.
Any questions/comments/etc:

Thanks for your interest!

more of mine:


*v1.1: Updated to all maxforlive gui and minor edits so that state saved in Ableton sessions are retained.


Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.4
Date Added: Oct 12 2015 02:16:47
Date Last Updated: Oct 30 2015 19:48:23
Downloads: 8371
License: None
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Device File: g_delay.amxd


Wow, this is really great stuff! However, I would REALLY like some kind of manual/tutorial to fully understand all the parameters :)
I wouldn't hold your breath.. it is an old project of mine haha
Fantastic grain delay. Probably the best one I've used so far, even against the paid plugin ones. The best thing I really like about it is the filtering per grain. Quite a rare feature to see in granular. Thanks for this, loving it.

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