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Name | Version: Pitch Drop 1.0
Author: bitbutter
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Pitch Drop emulates the effect of a turntable platter winding down. Incoming audio slows down to a stop at an adjustable rate. No unwanted clicks. See the info link for a video demonstrating use.


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Mar 19 2010 13:55:40
Date Last Updated: Mar 20 2010 04:31:37
Downloads: 34445
License: AttributionShareAlike
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Device File: PitchDrop.amxd


Great Little device, would love to see it developed!!
Excellent device, i've modified it for my usage so that i can set the time based on a number of beats rather than milliseconds....

I'll be using the device as is with dummyclips o automate the functionality to give me pseudo scratching type effects....

It's now the Brake effect in my device!! Beatlookup has finally been replaced! THANKYOU!!

simple and very useful, and not only for Dj's ;)
ending a noise gig with this is pure fun
Great device! Thanks!
it's really great. I'd like it to go back up when you press resume, and when I tried to edit the amxd I couldn't.

Is this intentional or am I doing something wrong? I ended up rebuilding the entire patch (which is a good excercise anyway), but why was the patch not editable? any ideas?

Cool patch! Thanks!
this is a great patch - i've often used it in livesets and productions... many thanks :)
Hi bitbutter, I love your patch, you think it's possible to have also a momentary button instead that toggle one?
Thanks, mrfunk
How do you change the time from 2 sec to 6 seconds. It would make a huge difference in my song
the device called "pitch drop" in the Max for Live Essentials on has more functionality
Hey there,

I love pitch drop, I use it all the time, thankyou!

I've noticed that it seems like audio is still passed after the pitch drop has been enabled... I was wondering if there is some kind of attenuator which isn't set to minue infinity, but more like 30db?
Dope ive been looking for this !
So goooooood!!! thanks!

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