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Name | Version: jo.PitchShift 1.0
Author: jonasobermueller
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Pitch Shift is a Pitch Shifter based on the Max internal gizmo object. The Device allows you to shift any signal by a range of 4 Octaves in Pitch either in Mono (less CPU) or Stereo Mode. Also it has freely adjustable FFT-Sizes from 32 to 4096.


I have tested it on my system without any problems. If you run into any crashes/bugs, feel free to let me know.


Live Version Used: 9.0.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.4
Date Added: May 03 2014 09:08:22
Date Last Updated: Mar 06 2019 12:48:33
Downloads: 15171
License: Attribution
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Device File: jo.PitchShift.amxd


no editing :( but still, nice1

Devices that cannot be edited are forbidden by the terms of service. From

15. Only free devices should be hosted on Do not post any device files that cannot be edited or that require payment to use or edit fully.

Please fix this or I'll have to delete this device from the library.

Works great and no latency!
my only issue with this device is that it changes the stereo feel of the sample. how about gettin rid of the stereo/mono mode and just let the user decide to do that with the utility plugin? that way youre not gonna have this issue-i think.
Yeah he's right

FFT sizes 2048 and 4096 are adding stereo

I've just checked it with a phasescope


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