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Name | Version: Velo To API-CC V2 2.1
Author: dric
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Hello all

This is an device for mapped the velocity to an api parameters and Midi Cc..
you can define the range value min and max and inverse velocity. (This is good for side chaining with the velocity)
You can random the value also.

In v2 I added the ability to select from 0 to 8 notes..

if you select 1 to 8 notes as you want.. only this notes is maped to the velocity (and parameter)..
If 0 note is selected, all notes is mapped..

By def 0 is selected... (all note is mapped)

(ps:Sorry for my english.. I hope you understand my charabiat..)

2.1 : i added the button "fix velocity".. if active the note in is fixed to 127.
And i add the numbox "multiplies" for augmented and diminished the gain of velocity.


Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 6
Date Added: Oct 25 2012 19:28:00
Date Last Updated: Oct 26 2012 00:37:23
Downloads: 497
License: Attribution
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Device File: VeloToApi2.amxd

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