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Name | Version: SemiAutoStutt1 1.3
Author: dric
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Hello!!

This is an Stutter semi Random..

Push the six buttons red at rigth, Define the table (X: Time, Y: Note Value)
You can Module the pitch...

(the red button do not triggers the notes value .. they triggered the "DryWet" effect on a syncronized time base)

Sorry for my english, :-)
I hope you understand me .. but it is really very simple device to use..

ps:I 'tried it, but not for long times .. If you have a problem, bug or other please let me know .. thank you

1.1 Some improvments

1.2 i have just rename properly all parameters automatable

1.3 1.1 oops I forgot off freezer the device to include abstractions.. :(


Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 6
Date Added: Aug 29 2012 16:14:29
Date Last Updated: Sep 12 2012 20:51:30
Downloads: 1375
License: Attribution
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Device File: SemiAutoStutttutter.amxd

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