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Name | Version: Tonoisepulse Generator 1.5 - Bleep Bloop Synth 1.5
Author: offthesky
Device Type: Instrument
Description: great for experimental, or even pulsey rhythmic bassy stuff. this started small - as a noise/tone generator* i could use to test various m4l effects i was working on.. and then it evolved into a proper bleep bloop generator. sending midi notes into this, will trigger a random preset selection. see the included .als example project for usage instructions

1.0 version also included

note: this is an old device created sometime between 2021-2023, for the "muse concrete sketch series" on making generative experimental music via youtube:


Live Version Used: 11.3
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jun 09 2024 20:22:16
Date Last Updated: Jun 09 2024 20:26:37
Downloads: 243
License: AttributionShareAlike
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Device File: Tonoisepulse Generator

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