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Name | Version: Step Sequence Parameter Mapper 1.0
Author: offthesky
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: this is a remix of some other device i found here years ago, i wanted several sequencer lanes. hit the radomize buttons within the device for max carnage! comes in both audio and midi versions. see the included .als example project for usage/ideas.

note: this is an old device created sometime between 2021-2023, for the "muse concrete sketch series" on making generative experimental music via youtube:


Live Version Used: 11.3
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jun 09 2024 20:10:04
Date Last Updated: Jun 09 2024 20:10:32
Downloads: 154
License: AttributionShareAlike
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Device File: Step Sequence Parameter


HEy thanks man, this is super simple and effective! exactly what ive been looking for.
forgot to add, using it with live 11 no problems

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