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Name/Version: TrackStates 1.1
Author: morganjenks  
Description: tested in Max5.1.6

TrackStates is a preset utility which stores and recalls values for device parameters, send levels, and panning on its own track.

Supports midi and audio tracks as well as return tracks and the master track.

To use the device:
add TrackStates to your effect chain,

select your device settings for that track,

highlight a clipslot on that track, and click the "Store Preset" button.

The preset will be associated with that clipslot regardless of which clip is on it.

Preset recall in the master and return tracks is triggered by launching a scene.

Preset recall in midi and audio tracks is triggered by launching a clip in a particular clipslot.

launching a clip/scene with no preset stored on it does not affect parameter settings.

Presets are saved with the live set.

Changing the order of tracks does not interfere with the presets stored on those tracks.

If a scene is deleted, it is the clipslot index which references the preset, not the name of the scene or the index formerly after the deleted scene.

However, if a scene at the end of the set is deleted, presets are still preserved for that clipslot index. Inserting a scene will re-allow access to that preset.

If devices are added after TrackStates has stored a preset or the order of devices is changed, presets for the original devices recall somewhat as normal, but are not guaranteed to work.

Storing a preset after devices are switched around or new ones added creates a stable preset for the new effect chain configuration.

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Downloads: 783
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 8.2.1
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Date Added: Nov 17 2010 15:31:22
Date Last Updated: Nov 24 2010 21:36:31
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): Attribution

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Device File: TrackStates.amxd


Why are these .maxpat files needed? Why can't you just freeze the device so any needed subpatchers get included in the .amxd file?

You're right, synnack. It's frozen now, thanks.

does it work with the operator?
i had also done such a devices wich works with many native plugins but not with the operator because some parameters doesnt have an ID.

spinnen, I don't own operator, but this device works by ID#s.

you are aware of JuanSOLO's operator populator?

thx for the tip. the operator populator is a good device but has the same problem like me. some parameters are not presetable^^.
for examble the the repeate value is always the same, not changing with the preset. the same with the step size of the osc.

I've updated TrackStates to version1.1, corrected errors in parameter mode and pattrstorage attributes.

much better that previous one, congrats!

effective and solid, absolutely fantastic!

sorry I'm a max noob. this patch is really great. but i can not figure out how to edit it so it doesnt remember the device settings. a button to be able to switch on/off device settintgs, sends, pan and Volume(!) would be great and the use of the device would be a lot more flexible

Super useful. Thanks!

This is amazing.

can't seem to get this to work with grouped racks or drumtracks. Any ideas about how i could make that work?

Hi hydrogen. There is a device which will operate on all chains and sub-racks, but it is unfinished:

I have actually stopped working with these states preset devices and moved on to simply having individual rack chains function as presets. These two devices are much more lightweight and I think more elegant (you could still use in combination with TrackStates to get your macro knobs morphing)

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