Jun 12

Max for Live in Hungary This summer, an academy in the south of Hungary is hosting an interesting session about Max for Live that focuses on "software design and signal processing needed for creation of advanced digital instruments for music performance. Hardware interfaces are available, however participants are encouraged to design their own. After 5 days of tuition and workshops a concert will be organised to present the built instruments."

Details can be found at and below.

Day 1 – Generative sequences

Day 2 – Sound Synthesis and Processing

Day 3 – Application Programming

Day 4&5 – Instrument Design

Day 6 – Rehearsal and Performance

South of Hungary is a sunny and cheap place that allows us to offer low prices for the participation:

- Workshops, studio time, equipment, accommodation & food – 400 EUR

- Workshops studio time, equipment – 200 EUR

- Online participation – 50 EUR

Facilities of electronic music course that are made available to the participants:

- 1 x Recording studio and 5.1 control room

- 1 x Seminar room

- 4 x Production studio

- 1 x Workshop

Studios are equipped with iMac computers and Genelec speakers.

Number of participants: 5-20

Tutor: Dr Zlatko Baracskai & Dr Balazs Kovacs

Place are limited, therefore we ask you to write us a brief motivation letter discussing your experience in your field by the 15th of July to Kovács Balázs,


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