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Mar 31

T-Shirts Sold Out All of the "LFO 1" design T-Shirts are sold out. Overall the T-Shirt sale brought in enough money to fund a full year of hosting costs (at current bandwidth usage)!!!

Thank you again for coming together as a community to show your support to keep this resource funded. As promised, I removed the Google Ads and now this site is 100% ad free. :)


Mar 19

Max for Live in Live 9 Suite is now here Ableton Live 9 is finally shipping! Of the many new and cool features, the inclusion of Max for Live into Live 9 Suite is a welcome addition that is driving many new users to the world of Max for Live and our community at The fact that M4L is now free if you own the Suite is not the only new thing though. Check out a full list of new things in Max for Live in Live 9! (Note M4L in Live 9 requires Max 6.1 or greater is installed).


Feb 23

Call for Live 9 Testing Greetings All.

A growing number of device comments seem to reflect issues with devices in the Library and Live 9 and Max 6.1. With the pending release of Live 9 coming in a few weeks, and the inclusion of M4L in Live 9 suite, it is important that we ensure as many of our devices work as expected on the latest version. Imagine being a new Live 9 Suite user, being excited about having M4L now, running over to the library, and half the stuff you download does not work. That would suck!

Therefor I would like to ask the following of everyone in the community:

1) If you have access to the Live 9 beta, please test devices you use from the library, and comment freely if you have issues with a particular device in Live 9 so developers can be notified and take action.

2) If you are a device developer, please test your devices with Live 9 and Max 6.1 and fix bugs as necessary. If you do not have access to the beta, you can still post comments on your own devices asking for beta testers, or on the Ableton Live/Cycling74 forums asking for verification your device works with Live 9 and Max 6.1

3) Continue as always noting both the Live and Max version that your device supports when you post your device. This especially important for new devices that use the Gen features of Max 6 that will never work for users who still only have Live 8 and Max 5. If your device works with Live 9 and Max 6.1, then also remember to UPDATE the supported version information for your existing devices.

Thanks all! The community is vibrant and growing and the quality of what you all build is paramount to the perceptions of users that Max for Live is a quality product. Help each other out smashing any bugs in the library so the devices work great in Live 9!


Jan 22 T-Shirt Sales Thanks to all who have purchased Max for Live T-Shirts to support the site. I have just about sold enough to cover the hosting costs for a while.

A few quick things for new customers:

1) Shipping can sometimes take a while. Especially for orders outside of the U.S.. If you need this shirt by a specific date, such as when buying it as a gift for someones birthday, please note this when you checkout on PayPal in the notes to seller section. If I see that I will ship yours first and with faster shipping.

2) My local post office is not able to ship to addresses written in non-english characters such as Chinese Hanzi and Japanese Kanji. Please supply shipping addresses using only Alphanumeric characters.

3) Several sizes are almost out of stock. It is very likely I will not reorder this design. Once these are gone they are gone forever. If you planned to order one, order it now while I still have at least one of each!

Thanks again for the support.


Nov 26

Max for Live video tutorials by Cycling74 A new video tutorial series titled "Programming in Max For Live: a practical guide to programming in the Max for Live environment" has been posted to YouTube by Cycling74.

Check it out here:


Nov 04

T-Shirts Now Available T-Shirts are now available for purchase.

Show your support for and your love of Maxforlive by buying a t-shirt! Bandwidth requirements to keep going continue to grow each month as the site gets more and more popular. All profits from t-shirts ultimately go back into maintaining and improving the site. (read here why this is important to this community)

Thanks for your support!



Oct 26

Live 9 and Max for Live Ableton has announced a number of exciting things that directly impact the Max for Live community on

Primarily, Max for Live will be included in the Ableton Live 9 Suite!!! I do not know how many Suite owners there are, or will be with Live 9, but you could speculate that it is an order of magnitude more than the number of Max for Live owners. In addition, you can expect some really good new Max for Live devices to come with Live 9, including a much requested Convolution reverb!

For more of my thoughts on how Live 9 and Max for Live in the Suite will impact our community, check out my blog post at


Sep 28

Demystifying Max for Live at Decibel 2012 Decibel 2012 hosts a unique lecture and demonstration of Abletons "Max for Live" by Clint Sand and video collaborator, Jennifer McClain. Clint is the creator and host of the largest free Max for Live device sharing platform at and is an Ableton sponsored artist (see Electronic Polymath: who performs under the name "synnack". The session will cover the basic use of Max for Live for beginners, as well as a demonstration of more advanced Max for Live integration with a custom VJ system written in Max/Jitter for more experienced users. Following the set, McClain and Sand will present a a full technical breakdown and discussion of how the audio/visual demonstration was made. Every device, every patch, exposed. More info: Come by and say Hi. 1:30pm. Square Stage. Broadway Performance Hall.

In preparing for this demo, I created a few new "utility devices" to demonstrate the Live API.

Ever wanted to detach the Ableton Live mixer and put it on a 2nd monitor while working in Arrangement view? well… check out Float Mixer which lets you do just that!


Aug 23

1H 2012 Updates There have been lots of small updates and enhancements to since my last blog update on the New URL format. I thought I would take some time to document them all in one shot. Generally the enhancements in the past few months have been in to key areas: Usability and Resiliency

Read all about it on my blog found at:


Aug 20

Twitter account for new devices I have linked the RSS feed of new devices on to a twitter account. If you use twitter and follow @maxforlive_com you will see a tweet for every new device posted with a link to it.

I used to use the RSS feed for this directly via Safari but now that Safari 6 has removed RSS support I needed a new way. Using twitter has the added benefit of allowing my phone (or yours!) to notify me (or you!) as well when a new device is posted.

There is a maximum 1.5 hour delay from posting your device until the tweet occurs. This is to allow for Feedburner to hit my site to get the new data via RSS, then polls the RSS once every 30 minutes. This lag is actually desired as it gives you a chance to fix up the entry for your device before it is likely tweeted about to the world.

For discussion and updates about continue to follow @synnack but to be notified whenever a new device is posted, follow @maxforlive_com

Follow the creator and host of for regular updates and information about the site itself.

Follow this account to be notified whenever a new device is posted to the library.