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May 27

Archipel Max For Live Developer Competition Music label "Archipel" is announcing the beginning of a line of products that will feature Max For Live patches to help shape the future sound of the label. Patches will be available to buy or part of downloadable labs.

Their shop will also have Ableton projects that will include songs, sounds and racks as miniature, self-evolving laboratories. These will be intended for use in experimentation, installations, ambiance filler or to curated improvised sounds for you to play with.

To start off the product line, Archipel is launching a Max for Live Developer Competition with a range of prizes awarded to the top submissions.

Learn more about the competition and register at


Feb 09

Electronic Music and Sound Design Volume 2
Volume 2 in the Electronic Music and Sound Design series by Cipriani Alessandro and Giri Maurizio is now available! These books detail using Max for sound design in a powerful style that alternates between theoretical chapters, and practical use with some thing for all levels.

Though nearly all content from both books applies to Max for Live, Volume 2 contains specific content just for Max for Live users such as:

IE.1 An introduction to MAX for LIVE
IE.2 Basics – creating an audio effect with M4L
IE.3 Virtual instruments with M4L
IE.4 Max MIDI effects
IE.5 Live API and Live Object Model (LOM)
List of Max objects, List of Attributes, messages and actions for specific Max objects

These 2 books are highly recommended for anyone looking to go deep to open up new worlds by creating your own instruments and effects with Max for Live.

More info at


Dec 27

Top 20 Prolific Users Ever wonder who the most prolific device sharers are on See below.

Some impressive numbers from top users.

Happy Holidays to the top 20!

ZlatkoBaracskai - 102
dric - 49
kleine - 32
hyakken - 25
cello - 22
akihiko - 21
natecraypo - 19
DrKesler - 19
amounra - 17
njazz - 16
Prebentious - 15
eltnet - 15
xanadu - 13
monolake - 12
Phatline - 11
Crampe - 11
ShelLuser - 11
IcaroFerre - 11
synthesizerwriter - 11
herrmutt - 10


Oct 11

New Feature: User Profile Pages A new feature has been added to that will help you get to know the other users on the site, and help promote the work you do. You can now enter your Facebook URL, Twitter account, SoundCloud account, and website URL into a profile page that displace this information to other users, as well as provides a single view of all the devices you have posted.

You can find your profile page using the following URL format: For example, this is mine:

Read the full details on how this works, why you should want it, and how to set it up on my blog here:


Oct 06

Posting Zip files I often tweet and facebook about updates and new features on the site but dont think to post them here.

Here is one many people ask for. You CAN have the ability to post zip files to the site enabled for your account but it is off by default.

Read Instructions Here


Oct 04

New Device tag for Push I added a new tag for use with any devices designed for use with Ableton Push. I noticed a number of devices already in the library and I expect this to be an emerging category as Push gains in popularity.

If you already posted a device for Push, please login and click edit and apply the Push tag so they are easy to find for other Push users!


Jul 04

Max for Live training by Bit Voltage The folks over at Bit Voltage are very proud to finally bring you their Intro to Max for Live video class. This class introduces the student to the basics of Max for Live from the ground up with a focus on accessing and manipulating aspects of your set via the Live API. They lead the student through the step-by-step process that goes into building a device from scratch, taking the dense and complex arena of Max for Live and dissecting it into intuitive, digestible chunks, which can be absorbed at the student’s own pace.

Don’t just take their word for it. Check out some of the material from the class here:


Jul 04

Community devices featured on Congrats to Maurizio Giri, Tom Cosm, Giorgio97, Sick Audio and the M4L community for the recent feature on

Check it:


Jun 12

Max for Live in Hungary This summer, an academy in the south of Hungary is hosting an interesting session about Max for Live that focuses on "software design and signal processing needed for creation of advanced digital instruments for music performance. Hardware interfaces are available, however participants are encouraged to design their own. After 5 days of tuition and workshops a concert will be organised to present the built instruments."

Details can be found at and below.

Day 1 – Generative sequences

Day 2 – Sound Synthesis and Processing

Day 3 – Application Programming

Day 4&5 – Instrument Design

Day 6 – Rehearsal and Performance

South of Hungary is a sunny and cheap place that allows us to offer low prices for the participation:

- Workshops, studio time, equipment, accommodation & food – 400 EUR

- Workshops studio time, equipment – 200 EUR

- Online participation – 50 EUR

Facilities of electronic music course that are made available to the participants:

- 1 x Recording studio and 5.1 control room

- 1 x Seminar room

- 4 x Production studio

- 1 x Workshop

Studios are equipped with iMac computers and Genelec speakers.

Number of participants: 5-20

Tutor: Dr Zlatko Baracskai & Dr Balazs Kovacs

Place are limited, therefore we ask you to write us a brief motivation letter discussing your experience in your field by the 15th of July to Kovács Balázs,


May 25

Max for Live Tutorials for Beginners user joshuacasper posted a series of entry level tutorials that new users should fine useful that walk you through making your first Audio Effects Device and stereo field reverser in Max for Live.