Featured Devices

The following list of featured devices highlight some of the devices on maxforlive.com that are recommended by the Ableton Sound Design team.

dschihadelay 1.0 by monohusche
Based on code from Apparat/Modeselektor's performance patch "dschihad", dschihadelay is a single tap delay (synced to Live transport) with random delay time, random feedback (+feedback freeze), random filter cutoff (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop) and random panning. It is now fully stereo (both channels are processed), allows to choose either to output a wet/dry signal or just the wet signal. The Filter can be placed either within the feedback loop, after the delay unit or in both places. The boundaries of the ranges can be automated in Live via the sync'ed min/max dials. (more info)

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